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Maths Charts by Jenny Eather

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The original site for Maths Charts was developed in flash and therefore could not be viewed on Apple Devices.  While I was working in the family business (Jamtec (Stoke) LTD) we approached the author of the site, Jenny Eather and suggested that we develop an iOS app of the site. This would solve the flash issue. Jenny agreed and work started straight away.

The application is very simple and consists of mathematical charts in PDF format. Earlier versions of the app included a subscription service using the Parse back-end. Parse has now been shutdown and so the subscriptions have been replaced by an in App purchase to unlock all the app content.

Technologies Used:

  • Swift/Objective-c
  • Xcode
  • Parse.com

I have recently translated the app to Swift from Objective-c and brought it up to date with current standards.

A ‘Deluxe’ version of the app was also developed. This version was a paid app which allows educational institutes to get a volume purchasing discount.